Property Maintenance

Call a Handy Girl to help keep your home in order.

We take pride in being able to make things look and function better.  We love being handy and fixing or tightening things that are broken or need adjusting.  We also understand the importance of having women ‘on the job’ and working with you.  No more being worried about safety and security and feeling embarrassed, threatened or judged.

We do many things, not limited to the below list:

  • General property maintenance from hanging pictures to installing doggy doors.
  • Rubbish removal.
  • Flyscreen replacement.
  • Door handles and latches.
  • Paint and plaster touch ups.
  • Flat pack assembly.
  • Replacing clotheslines.

The list is endless, so it’s best to call us for a chat to discuss your needs.

Why Handy Girl Australia?

Team of confident, empowered female workers

Empowering employment platform for women

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