We are bold. We did it!

Handy Girl Australia was launched with the help of Deputy Mayor for the City of Ballarat, Cr Peter Innes and Bosch Australia, DIY Communications Manager Claudia Kowalski on Friday 13th March at the Ballarat workshop, where Handy Girl’s vision of making DIY a skill made for everyone.

From the MC (Madame of Ceremonies) Suzanne Gatz and the outstanding comedic performance of the ‘Two Grande Ladies’ (Suzanne Gatz and Kim Yearwood), with a cameo appearance of Handy Girl’s mum and HGA herself the supportive encouraging crowd certainly gained some insight into what makes the business tick and what they can expect to learn when they participate in a workshop!

Many thanks to Bosch Australia for supporting DIY hands-on-learning workshops in a localised context and in a real shed, at a real home. Thanks for believing that women and beginner DIY people are important and for supplying us with their brand that has been a staple powertool of Kim’s for many years and through many projects!

So, the Ballarat workshop is now officially open and I’d love to see you here learning with me.


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