I didn’t realise how long it was since I wrote in the blog!

With Handy Girl now having her own Facebook Page, Instagram and Pintrest spots etc it’s getting harder and harder to stay connected or should I say too connected?!?!

Women are generally very time poor – ok we have the same amount of time as everyone, but our time is spent across home, work, family, animals, friends (in no particular order) and this just cycles through in different ways daily. The rituals of living is what I think they call it. Nonetheless, we should still be trying to think ahead (yes, I think we do this naturally) and try to remember home maintenance does not stop at domestic cleaning duties.

As I look out of my office window I am inspired to share some home maintenance tips for Spring :

  • checking for water damage in and around the home – take note of where water has travelled….if it’s in or under the house then it could be something to look at addressing rather than leaving it for another winter and working a problem from mole to mountain
  • Get under the house and check for damp spots…..these do occur in other places, but we don’t want the house to move do we. We do this now as come summer time the spots would of dried out and very hard to detect (unless its a big issue with your pipes…aaarrggghh)
  • Highlight areas on the house that may need some TLC – where the weather (wind and rain) may have torn (flyscreens); rotted weatherboards; loose guttering, eaves and spouting etc. Make a list of what needs to be attended too in the next period of time – don’t be afraid to say by Easter we need to paint the shed for example
  • Make a painting list – instead of whole house maybe pick room by room to attack. Painting is the final product of a long line of processes. Preparation x 10 Paiting x1 is a good ratio to work with with planning!
  • Check your tanks. Did the precious water go in it properly? Is the tank overflow working well? is the tank still level and not leaning on the house (when full)….
  • Get your outdoor entertainment areas ready for ummm entertaining! BBQ clean and gas connections in good order; scrub and clean wooden decking for re-oiling; outdoor lighting good; preparation of site for outside BBQ and pizza oven; umbrella’s/awnings etc all in good working order
    Weed and feed the garden – prune and remove green waste
  • De-moss the footpaths (look for organic options)
  • Tighten clothes line wires and throw out broken pegs
  • Get familiar with your power board; water meter and all those things that measure your electricity/ gas/ water access (and bills)
  • Get your small engine motors like lawn-mower and whipper snippers maintained (or drop them into the lawncutting type shops for a service) before the mad-rush!

Yes it can be a little overwhelming – but remember owning a home is your biggest financial investment and to get the best returns (although location is important) you’ve got to keep on working on it

Here’s to summer warmth, sunshine and becoming engaged with all the things around you. Just remember to look after yourself, the family, friends, animals and your income and they will look after you! x

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