I have to admit that I love working with people!

​Although I manage to find a happy place when I work on a project that has been brewing in my minds-eye for sometime, I always appreciate having someone (other than myself) to show it to. In fact, not only show it to but ‘share in the joy with me’. I don’t know if this sounds odd – but there is something about having someone around that makes the whole creating, building, hanging, digging, cleaning (yes cleaning) process a little more easier and let’s face it comfortable.

​I believe that I have a rational respect for heights. Because of this, I like knowing that someone is around who can keep on eye on me when I am on ladders (for example). Call it piece of mind of you want – but I still believe that having someone working with you makes a HUGE difference.

​Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting and working side-by-side with some amazing women. Hanging out in the shed and working on simple projects with someone else is a real bonus. When we designed on workshop learning program the idea was to be able to share knowledge and skills in our workshop – we still do. But, working alongside people in their own homes and on their own projects is where the real magic happens! We know it and our clients who have learnt this way with us do too! We are proud to say that we are the only company in Australia that offers this unique service and hope that we remain the leaders in DIY training because of it.

​So – please continue doing DIY, but just consider that doing DIY with others is a great way to learn as well as being safe and fun (although working with partners passing things to them and holding ladders only type help is another posting for another time…if you catch my drift).

​Until next time – Be bold. Do it!

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